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It is time to battle evil again — by playing D&D!

Join us for Level Eater 7, where seven tables of heroic adventurers shall battle seven incarnations of tyrannical evil. It’s time to save the world. Again.

On January 14th, 2017, we shall confront evil … and raise funds for WLPN!








A Nemesis Returns.

It is one year since this realm was freed from threat of demons unleashed upon the land.

The peace did not last. Seers tell us that the Nemesis — a tyrant from beyond space and time — is coming back to this world to seize power over all the peoples of our realm. It is not bound by mortal, earthly limits. If it gains a foothold in our world, it would be limited only by its own greed … for power.

The land needs heroes to brave the dreaded dungeon where the Nemesis manifests even now, across seven dimensions. Confront this foe with magic, wisdom, and might. Save the world. 

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We have met this foe before.

In ancient times, it came to devour our land and twist our people into hateful mockeries of ourselves.

We learned much from our victories against the Nemesis. As it approaches, our reality is fractured and diffused into seven parallel facets — seven dimensions unfolding in tandem. These dimensions are nearly invisible to each other … but the Nemesis sees them all — and aims to subjugate all of us.

In case it returned, we dedicated monasteries and scribes to keeping the lore we would need to win this fight again. They fused seven magical weapons together into an artifact called the Star of Seven. They hoped we would never need it, but suspected we would face the Nemesis again one day.

That day has arrived.

Now, with scant memories and fragile legends to guide us, we must fight anew. We must drive the Nemesis out of our realm. We must be like the legends we were raised to exalt.

The Nemesis has chosen the site where it shall manifest in all seven dimensions of our world. There, we shall confront it — together.


First, there is the idea, be it virtuous or vicious. Thought is the beginning, but so too does thought follow all deeds among the wise. All that begins, may begin as thought. Remembrance has power. What we forget leaves us vulnerable.


Let action follow ideas, be it by deed of arm or voice — or through force alone, projected into reality by the arcane … or the divine. Force makes our will material, for good or for ill. So let us do good with it, to counter our enemies who would do otherwise.


Radiance imbues the material—us, the world—with rare power. It is emphatic. It is light and it is luminous. So are we. Radiance pushes away what’s bleak to make room for virtue, hope, and heroism in the world.


The vastness of the universe is cold absence, emptiness between realities and worlds. We fill it with purpose and dream in those spaces, for the stars in the heavens promise possibilities. Cold is neither good nor evil, but in excess it can kill.


Fire creates light and warmth, also smoke and ash and ruin. Fires in the emptiness reveal places, lead the way, and show us the world, even when the world is frightening. Fire is neither good nor evil, but in excess it can kill.


Power in the heavens, where the world meets the heavens in our skies, is called lightning—bright and sharp, beautiful and dangerous. Lightning moves deed from emptiness to the earth, potent but so short, so fleeting. Here and then gone.


The call of power, announcing might and majesty in the voice of the heavens. The realm reverberates where its sound reaches our plane from distant forces. Hear it traverse the land and echo afar. It is the peal of barriers being broken.

Image of the Nemesis?

Much has been forgotten. The seven aspects of the stars and how they fit the aspects of the Nemesis may have changed.

1. The Nemesis is Near

It approacheth...

From far away, across starry darkness and mysterious history, an enemy approaches. We can already feel its presence drawing nigh, fracturing reality into seven parallel dimensions…

2. A Recorded Prologue

"The Star of Seven" recording

A few intrepid players join a local gamemaster to play D&D near microphones, setting in motion the adventures that unfold at our Level Eater event. Listen online or on WLPN through links we share in the lead-up to Level Eater 7!

3. Level Eater 7.77 Event

An evening of actual play

40 adult players (who donated to WLPN) assemble on the night of Saturday, January 14th at the Co-Prosperity sphere to battle evil and support local radio by playing D&D and being good sports.

Good fun, great heroics.

4. Share the Adventure

The adventure goes on sale

After we find out how (or if) the Nemesis was defeated, the adventure module goes on sale online (as a PDF) to raise further funds for WLPN. (Stay tuned for the link for that.)

This land needs you.

We need brave adventurers to enter the perilous temple of the Nemesis in each of the seven facets of our world, to confront our enemy across seven dimensions, and ensure our hopes for freedom and future.

Several bands of heroines and heroes, each a different facet of the realm as it is fractured into seven dimensions, must find the right artifact to use to challenge one incarnation of the Nemesis in their own version of the world. If we cooperate — and if we succeed — the Nemesis may be held at bay, once again.

Armies loyal to the Nemesis, stirred by fear and spite, are already moving. Time is short.

We have one night to save the world.

Here's how this works.

This event is a fundraiser for WLPN community radio. Donors to the station through this event have a chance to sit at one of seven game tables with one of seven great game masters. Each table represents one of the seven facets of the game world. Each table plays a variation on the same exciting adventure — with a few unique changes to the adventure for each table — and the tables can cooperate to better thwart the Nemesis. The more tables that successfully thwart the Nemesis, the better.

But it’s all in the spirit of good fun and camaraderie. Winning or losing this battle might change the stories we tell about it thereafter, but the real victory is in helping WLPN to stay awesome and on the air.

Want to play with us? You know what to do. Donate.